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Who We Are

We are experienced, results-oriented New Jersey business attorneys committed to our clients' success. We have a strong record of success representing people and businesses in New Jersey.

We have seasoned litigators with a strong track record of success aggressively fighting for the rights of people and businesses in litigation in state and federal court, in arbitration and in mediation. We have experienced estate planning and elder care lawyers who help our clients plan for their later years, and ensure that their assets will pass to their loved ones when they pass. Our tax and transactional attorneys use their significant experience to maximize our clients’ return while minimizing their tax burden.

We are dedicated to serving our clients' legal and business needs aggressively, ethically, and in a cost-efficient manner. We always remember that behind every case there is a person, and their needs are our goal.

What We Do

We are a full-service law firm.

We Represent People. We offer a full range of representation for individuals. We help people plan for their future, and aggressively represent them in a wide range of litigation when disputes occur. We are aggressive in fighting for our clients’ rights.

We Represent Businesses. We represent businesses and their owners in litigation, transactions, and planning. Our New Jersey business attorneys provide a full range of services from the formation and initial financing of the business, and throughout its lifecycle. We help businesses plan to operate smoothly and profitably, while avoiding disputes and getting paid. However, we fight aggressively for businesses’ rights in court and arbitration when disputes do arise. We understand that a business is the people who own, manage and run it. We consider each one our partners.

We Are Aggressive Litigators. When disputes cannot be resolved, our experienced litigators aggressively fight for our clients' rights. Our lawyers have a strong track record of success representing people and businesses in a wide range of litigation, including, for example, commercial litigation, employment litigation, probate, personal injury, business disputes, partnership breakups, construction litigation and real estate litigation.

We Provide Counsel and Transactions. We give counsel and help our clients plan so they can maximize their return while minimizing their tax burden and avoiding legal problems. Our lawyers represent people and businesses in a wide-range of transactions throughout the tri-state area. We build strong relationships with our clients so that we can understand their needs. We view every matter as a partnership with our clients.

Experts. Our lawyers include attorneys who have decades of experience in their fields of law. Frank Nardi, for instance, handles tax law, and wills, trusts, estates and estate planning; in addition to being an attorney with many years of experience, he is also a licensed certified public accountant and certified public planner. Maurice McLaughlin, who handles commercial and employment litigation, is the author of the seminal book on New Jersey public employment law, and is also appointed by the New Jersey Superior Court as a mediator.

Our Practice

Our law firm offers a wide range of services for people and businesses. Some of these areas include:

  • Litigation. We are aggressive litigators. We handle all phases of litigation, from negotiations, to discovery to trial. We pursue litigation on our clients behalf in state and federal court, arbitration and mediation. We represent people and businesses in construction litigation and commercial litigation. We represent employers and employees in employment litigation. We represent beneficiaries, executors and trustees in probate litigation. We represent buyers, sellers, landlord, tenants, condominium associations and developers in real estate litigation. To learn more about our litigation practice, click here.
  • Counsel and Representation to Businesses and Contractors. We represent businesses and their owners and managers in all their needs, from litigation, to planning and transactions. We represent businesses plan for successful startups. We help negotiate and close transactions. We represent owners in disputes with their fellow owners. We represent businesses in all their employee needs, from drafting handbooks and contracts, to layoffs and litigation. We represent businesses in a wide range of litigation. Our lawyers assist companies in financial distress negotiate with their creditors or gaining bankruptcy protection. To learn more about our business law practice, click here.
  • Employment Law. Our employment lawyers have significant experience in representing employees and employers in employment law. Indeed, our lawyers have particular expertise in this area, and Maurice McLaughlin has “written the book” on public employment law. To learn more about our employment law practice, click here.
  • Construction Law.We represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and owners in commercial, residential construction law. Our construction attorneys help parties in negotiating and enforcing construction contracts, construction litigation, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, project financing, and construction liens (formerly known as mechanics liens). To learn more about our construction law practice, click here.
  • Estate Planning and Administration, Elder Care and Tax Law. We represent people and families plan for their future. We help them plan for the time when they may no longer be to care for themselves, so that they can ensure they are cared for without losing the fruits of a lifetime of labor. We help people plan to make sure that their assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes. We help people plan in all this to ensure that their assets are available for their care or to be passed to their loved ones with the minimum tax burden possible. Follow the links to learn more about our estate planning and administration, elder law and tax law.

To learn more about our practice areas, click here.

Our Attorneys & Staff

Our lawyers have significant expertise in their practice areas, and have compiled a record of success. For instance, founders Frank Nardi and Maurice McLaughlin each have two decades of experience and are recognized experts in their fields.

Frank, who heads the firm’s tax and estate practices, is also a certified public accountant and certified financial planner in addition to being a lawyer. He has leadership positions in many professional organizations in his field and has given many lectures on tax and estate law.

Maurice, who leads the firm’s litigation and alternative dispute resolution practices wrote the leading work on New Jersey public employment law, and is widely published on business and employment law. He is appointed as a mediator by the Superior Court of New Jersey to resolve commercial and employment lawsuits.

Pauline Young is experienced in employment and commercial litigation, business transactions and tax law.

Jenifer Meusel, of counsel to our firm, has also been practicing law for over two decades. She has considerable experience in estate planning, complicated estate administration, and complex real estate transactions and property tax appeals.

Our paralegals and administrators have many years of experience, and are always available to assist with any problem. They have backgrounds, experience and competence which many attorneys would envy.

Our attorneys and staff are also fluent in Spanish.

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Why Our Clients Stay With Us

Many of our clients, like our staff, have been with us for years. We like to believe that this is because we are dedicated to fighting for their rights, and focused on solving their problems in a cost-efficient manner. However, our New Jersey business lawyers are dedicated to earning their trust and faith in us. To see a representative list of the clients we have represented, click here.

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You can reach us at (973) 890-0004 or e-mail us, or visit our contacts page.

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