Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation & Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution, or “ADR,” is a means for the expedited resolution of commercial and civil disputes without a conventional courtroom trial. In general, ADR is often a quicker, more cost-effective means of resolving disputes.  Mediation and arbitration are the most common ADR methods.   Our attorneys have significant experience in representing people and businesses in both mediation and arbitration.  We are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights.


Mediation is a process by which the parties take control of the outcome of their dispute, essentially taking the decision away from the judge and jury and putting it in their own hands.  In mediation, a neutral third-party tries to bring the parties together to reach a voluntary settlement to their disputes.  Mediation has many advantages.  It allows the parties to control their own fate, it reduces the cost of litigation, eliminates the expense of a trial, and eliminates the risk that a judge or a jury might not see the issue the same way.  McLaughlin & Nardi’s mediation attorneys have represented people and businesses in hundreds of mediations. Indeed, Maurice McLaughlin is a seasoned mediator routinely appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey to resolve lawsuits filed there, and also represents parties to litigation in both arbitrations and mediations. 


In arbitration, a neutral third-party hears the parties’ evidence after limited discovery and makes a final, binding decision enforceable in court.  The arbitrator is often an attorney who is not connected with the parties or the case, but is not always a lawyer; sometimes arbitrators are retired judges, accountants, professors, or other professionals.

Our attorneys have arbitrated many matters in binding and non-binding arbitration, in a wide range of practice areas.

Our New Jersey Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

Our attorneys have represented many businesses and people in both mediation and arbitration.  Despite the fact that the results in mediation are often quicker and more cost-effective, our atorneys never forget that the outcomes are every bit as important as in court room trials.  That is why we are tough fighters for our clients’ rights.

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