Bridgewater, New Jersey

The lawyers at McLaughlin & Nardi offer a variety of legal services to the people and businesses of Bridgewater, New Jersey.  Our experienced New Jersey support Bridgewater Township’s community in many different legal matters.

Legal Services

We offer a wide range of legal services for Bridgewater’s people and businesses.  Our goal is to solve and prevent problems.

It is our firm belief that the best way to solve a problem is to prevent an issue from becoming a problem in the first place.  To accomplish this we work with our clients to plan their affairs so that they run their personal and professional lives in a profitable and conflict free manner.  We do this across all our practice areas. For instance, we develop elder law plans to enable seniors to receive the care they need without giving up the fruits of a lifetime of labor.  We help people plan their estates to ensure their intentions are carried out without paying taxes which could legally be avoided.  We work with our business clients to  draft strong contracts with their key employees, customers, clients and vendors.  We negotiate leases for landlords and tenants.

When problems cannot be avoided, we often find that a negotiated resolution can meet our clients’ needs and protect their interests while avoiding the cost and effort of litigation.  Our attorneys are experienced at negotiations, but pursue them only when we can reach a resolution which is in our clients’ interests.

When problems cannot be avoided or resolved, the only option is to fight for our clients’ rights. Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.  Our litigation practice includes many types of suits which we pursue on behalf of people and businesses, with great success. 

Please go to our practice areas page to view the many types of matters we handle.

About Bridgewater Township

Located in the center of Somerset County, Bridgewater, New Jersey is township of 44,464 people.   It has a mix of both rural and suburban areas. Bridgewater, New Jersey was known for the farming and low population until the 1970’s, when residents of larger cities began to settle in Bridgewater.  According to National Geographic magazine, Bridgewater has an unusually high number of twins and triplets.

Bridgewater Township’s Municipal Court hears Bridgewater motor vehicle violations, disorderly person offenses, parking violations, and municipal ordinance violations. The United States Bankruptcy Court hears Bridgewater, New Jersey bankruptcies.  Business disputes, partnership disputes, employment litigation, landlord - tenant disputes, probate matters, civil litigation, and Bridgewater Township expungements are handled by the Superior Court of New Jersey in Somerville. The Bridgewater New Jersey Planning and Zoning Boards handle land use maters. The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey handles federal cases for Bridgewater.  The Somerset County Board of Taxation hears all Bridgewater New Jersey tax appeals. The Construction Board of Appeals handles all appeals from building department decisions within Bridgewater Township.

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