Civil Rights & Discrimination

McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey attorneys are committed to fighting for the rights of the victims of discrimination and civil rights violations.


New Jersey and Federal law prohibit discrimination in a broad range of areas, including employment, housing, public accomodation and contracting. Likewise, both the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1871 (sometimes referred to as “Section 1983”) and the New Jersey Civil Rights Act prohibit the government or any person from using the law to deprive anyone’s civil rights.

Employees’ Rights

In America, employees have a right to be judged on how well they do their jobs rather than what they look like, how old they are, what disabilities they have, or who they associate with. Our New Jersey employment lawyers focus on ensuring that employees are not discriminated against because of who they are or retaliated against for objecting to a violation of law or public policy. We practice in all areas of discrimination, including race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and family status. We represent whistleblowers who have tried to prevent illegal actions or discrimination by their employers. We also represent employees in protecting their rights to care for their family and be free from discrimination because of a medical condition or disability. We represent employees who have been denied overtime or minimum wage, or have not been paid at the correct rate. We represent private and governmental employers in state and federal court. We negotiate severance packages. Our attorneys have significant experience in this area. For example, Maurice McLaughlin has been widely published in this area and teaches employment law at the graduate level.

Housing Discrimination

Both federal and New Jersey civil rights laws prevent discrimination in housing -- “redlining” is illegal and should be a thing of the past.  New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination and the Federal Fair Housing Act expressly forbid it.  Our New Jersey discrimination attorneys.  We represent those who have been denied the home of their choice because of who they are.

Governmental Violations of Civil Rights

Our New Jersey civil rights attorneys make use of both United States and New Jersey Civil Rights Acts to ensure that the government does not violate people’s civil rights. While much of this litigation focuses on excessive force by police officers or wrongful termination of employment, it can also result from many other governmental actions, including denial of contracts, discriminatory zoning, prohibition of free speech, infringement on people’s freedom of religion, denial of due process, and many other matters.

McLaughlin & Nardi's Attorneys Fight Discrimination

Our New Jersey discrimination and civil rights attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims of discrimination or the denial of their civil rights.  Contact one of our New Jersey civil rights attorneys by e-mail or call (973) 890-0004.  We can help.

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