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One of our firm's primary focuses is construction law. We are committed to helping construction firms of all sizes, from "mom and pop" contractors to multinational corporations, as well as property owners in construction disputes. Our New Jersey construction attorneys have significant experience in construction law. We represent contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, developers, developers and owners, large and small, on public and private jobs. Our representation deals with every phase from negotiating contracts, construction liens, employment and contractor issues, negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

Construction Contracts

One of the most important elements of any construction business, whether as an owner, lessee, general contractor, or subcontractor, is a well drafted contract. A well-drafted contract helps the parties avoid disputes and ensure a profitable job for all. A good construction contract will ensure that contractors and subcontractors get paid what they have earned, and that owners and project managers get what they paid for. It will also provide enforcement mechanisms for use in the event that they don’t.

Dispute Resolution

When disputes arise, our construction lawyers make every effort to resolve them without disruption to the business relationships or the project. Toward this end, alternative dispute resolution is often utilized to avoid costly and complex litigation. Maurice McLaughlin, for example, has served as mediator on many complex construction cases and has achieved significant success in construction arbitrations.

Construction Litigation

Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved and litigation is the only alternative. Our attorneys have significant experience in construction litigation, construction arbitration, construction mediation and construction lien law. We have achieved significant success for contractors, subcontractors and owners in a wide range of construction litigation.

Construction Liens

The New Jersey Construction Lien Law provides a strong tool for contractors and subcontractors to ensure they receive payment they have earned. However, construction liens can have draconian effects on owners, so the Construction Lien Law requires strict compliance with its technical requirements. Our construction lawyers have significant experience using construction liens to ensure contractors are paid for their good work, and also representing property owners defending construction claims and seeking the discharge of construction liens.

Experienced Construction Attorneys

Construction projects are extremely complex and have enormous stakes, regardless of their size. Contractors need to lay out significant funds for supplies, labor and other start-up costs. Owners and developers need to incur significant expense to start the project. Delays hurt everyone. Contractors, developers and owners normally need to obtain financing, often with complex and difficult requirements which need to be met.

Competent, experienced counsel is therefore essential. Good advice is needed when forming and structuring a company. Experienced guidance is necessary for drafting contracts which minimize the likelihood of a breach and provide remedies for when one occurs -- good planning today is the best way to avoid litigation tomorrow -- as well as ensuring that New Jersey's consumer fraud regulations are satisfied. An experienced hand is needed in negotiations, and zealous, aggressive representation is necessary when disputes do occur.

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McLaughlin & Nardi's New Jersey construction attorneys are experienced in representing owners, contractors and developers in construction disputes, and helping them plan to avoid disputes before they begin. To obtain assistance, e-mail us or call one of our New Jersey construction attorneys at (973) 890-0004. We can help.

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