Defending Claims of Discrimination

Defending Claims of DiscriminationAggressive Defense

Our employment attorneys defend businesses which have been accused of wrongful discrimination, be it wrongful discharge, demotion, pay discrimination or harassment.  We fight aggressively to protect the rights of companies wrongfully sued by disgruntled employees.

Aggressively Protecting Employer’s Rights in the Most Cost Effective Way Possible

We first try to help our clients avoid being sued in the first place, and merely telling employees not to discriminate is not enough.  The most effective defense is a good offense, so the first thing we do is counsel employers to have well-drafted employment handbooks and anti-discrimination policies, and then to follow them.   Both federal and New Jersey law provide a defense for employers who circulate a well-written anti-discrimination policy to their employees which includes methods for their employees to report discrimination.  The idea is that the employer should be given the opportunity to learn about the discrimination so that it can take action to stop it.  If the employer has such a policy and procedure, and the employer fails to utilize it, this is a good defense.  It may not by itself win a lawsuit, but it is a solid foundation upon which to build a strong defense.  Another strong defense is having an effective ant-discrimination training program. 

Tenacious Defense of Employment Suits

When employers get sued, our employment attorneys have significant experience litigating employment discrimination claims in New Jersey’s state and federal courts.  We have litigated cases for discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, and many other protected classifications.  We are conscious of the cost of litigation, so if we explore whether cost-effective resolutions are possible early in the dispute,  including mediation.  We also make use of arbitration agreements to protect our clients and limit their costs.

Sometimes, however, disgruntled employees will not make rational decisions; and sometimes employers simply want to take a firm stand to discourage other employees from bringing frivolous lawsuits.  When cases cannot be expeditiously resolved, our employment attorneys investigate the employee’s claims and aggressively defend our business clients from pre-suit negotiations to discovery and through  trial.  We defend employers against discrimination claims made under both New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and other anti-discrimination laws.

Our Employment Attorneys Offer Employers a Wide Range of Services

Our employment law attorneys can help your business in many ways.  We can draft anti-discrimination policies and employee handbooks which will provide defenses against discrimination law suits in New Jersey courts.  We can conduct anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training to teach your employees what to do and what not to do.  We can help negotiate resolutions to claims of discrimination.  When lawsuits cannot be avoided or resolved, our employment attorneys aggressively defend businesses in arbitration and trial.  We have considerable experience litigating employment lawsuits in New Jersey’s state and federal courts.

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