Essex County, New Jersey

Essex County is the legal, industrial, cultural, transportation, urban and suburban heart of New Jersey.  It is a complex environment presenting numerous issues in which our attorneys represent both people and businesses.  Our attorneys regularly represent people and businesses before the state and federal courts and agencies in Essex County.

Essex County, and especially Newark, the county seat, is the legal heart of northern New Jersey.  The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit all sit in Newark.  Both the Superior Court trials courts for the Essex Vicinage and Appellate Division sit in Newark.  The Administrative law judges who hear cases regarding administrative agency decisions are also located in Newark.  Likewise, the Municipal Court of the City of Newark handles a wide variety of matters.  New Jersey's most reputable legal publishers and two law schools are located in Essex County.  Our attorneys regularly appear in the courts of Essex County on a wide range of matters, from commercial and employment litigation, to personal injury lawsuits and bankruptcies.  We also appear before administrative law judges on matters as varied as zoning and public benefits.

Essex County is likewise the government heart of New Jersey.  On the federal side, many agencies operate in Newark, including the United States Attorney for New Jersey, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Small Business Administration, United States Trustee, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Administration, and Social Security Administration.  Many state agencies operate in Essex County, most particularly in Newark, including the Department of Community Affairs, Children and Families (formerly DYFS) and the Department of Law and Public Safety (the New Jersey Attorney General's office).  Most of the state's professional licensing boards operate in Newark as well.  The City of Newark and Essex County both have many agencies which regulate many aspects of life, health, safety and business throughout Essex County and the City of Newark.  Our attorneys regularly represent both people and businesses having matters with these agencies.  Some of our recent matters include alleged regulatory violations by solid waste haulers and regulatory compliance by fitness clubs.

Essex County is one of the most diverse areas in the United States, in almost every way. From the suburbs of Short Hills and Montclair, to the cities of Newark and the Oranges, there is more cultural and commercial diversity than exists in most states, and even most countries.  People from every corner of the globe, speaking every language, live throughout Essex County, among them many of our attorneys and staff.  Businesses from mom and pop storefronts and contractors of all sizes to the largest corporations in the world operate here.  Essex County boasts financial services firms, international banks and local credit unions, industrial plants, high technology companies, utilities, and publishers. It boasts several airports, including Newark Liberty International Airport, the Newark and Elizabeth Seaports, Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, Conrail, light rail and the PATH trains; it has multiple direst rail links to Manhattan, the region and the rest of the country.  Our attorneys have long experience in serving the needs of Essex County's residents and businesses, in everything from commercial and residential real estate, probate estate planning, business transactions, bankruptcy and credit issues, business planning, construction law, consumer protection, elder law issues, landlord/tenant problems, employment contracts, and tax issues.

In short, Essex County is one of the most complex environments int he United States.  Our attorneys regularly appear before all of the courts and governmental agencies in Essex County, and deal with and represent its businesses and people.  More than that, our attorneys work hard to help the people and businesses of Essex County plan to work within this complex environment to maximize their profits and minimize their costs, and to avoid disputes before they arise. When disputes do arise, however, our attorneys vigorously represent our clients to protect and vindicate their rights.

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