Firm Overview

Mission Statement

Our Firm To make a difference. To deliver the highest level of professional excellence by using the most cost-efficient means. To provide full service legal solutions to all of our clients’ personal and business issues. To constantly make our client’s best interests our own and to fight for them. To earn our clients’ trust and confidence.

To utilize the law to solve our clients’ problems – to help plan to prevent problems from arising, to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and, when problems do arise, to utilize the justice system to fight for our clients’ rights and obtain the most favorable possible outcome.

To understand that, in the end, the law is about people.

In short, we are here to help solve your problems and fight for you.

Our Values
  • Integrity – the highest ethical standards in what we say and do.
  • Loyalty – to always keep our duty to our client in the forefront.
  • Diligence and perseverance – to always give our total effort in our clients’ cause.
  • Accountability – for our commitments, actions and results.
  • Candor – to our clients, the court and adversaries.
  • Service – to serve our clients’ best interests and the public good.
  • Diversity – in background, experience and thought.
  • Respect - for our clients, the court and adversaries.
About the Firm

The firm’s roots began two decades ago. Frank Nardi and Maurice McLaughlin met each other on their first night of law school. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, both personal and professional.

After law school, Frank developed his legal practice, specializing in estate planning, tax, real estate and commercial transactions, Frank also became a certified public accountant and practiced as an accountant with his father, Frank, Sr. Maurice practiced complex litigation at a large firm in Northeastern New Jersey and served as an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickenson University.

Although they practiced in separate offices, Maurice and Frank continued to work together on many cases. When they did, they saw how complimentary their practices were and respected each other’s work. It was only natural that they decided to work together, so they merged their practices and formed McLaughlin & Nardi, LLC.

Since then the firm has expanded, with additional, talented attorneys joining to bring their experience and enthusiasm. Most of our permanent staff has worked with Frank and Maurice either here or at other firms for many years; what has kept us together is the staff’s professionalism, intelligence, loyalty and commitment to our clients. We are also proud of our program of hiring law students; we strive to retain talented students who hopefully will grow with us. They gain experience in the practice of law and we are rejuvenated by their enthusiasm.

Additionally, our lawyers are committed to serving the public interest. The firm’s attorneys serve in various professional, religious, charitable, civic and professional organizations. Many have served in government either in the military or civilian spheres. We perform significant pro bono legal services for people of lesser means.

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