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Georgette Cosentini has been a paralegal with the firm of McLaughlin & Nardi for a decade.

Georgette is a seasoned legal professional with decades of experience. Georgette is known for her exceptional management and organizational skills, and litigation experience.

Georgette has two decades of experience as a paralegal serving the legal community of Northeastern New Jersey. Georgette has extensive in all areas of litigation, with an emphasis on commercial and employment litigation. Georgette also has experience in personal injury, real estate transactions and litigation, tax sale certificates and foreclosure, bankruptcy, estate planning. Georgette handles drafting motions, pleadings and discovery, and is excellent at organizing and analyzing large amounts of documents and data for use in lawsuits.

Georgette provides exceptional casework, including filing legal documents and maintaining meticulous notes, that has made her a vital asset to the legal team. As a “go-to” staff member within the firm, Georgette has developed a strong track record for guiding clients through legal processes, helping them comprehend difficult legal concepts, scheduling and maintaining a heavy meeting schedule, ensuring the attorneys meet all of their obligations and overseeing the training and development of staff to build strong teams that deliver high quality case work.

In placing an emphasis on providing top-notch legal and executive-level assistance to the attorneys she has had the privilege to work for over the years, Georgette is easily the oil in the engine that keeps practices running smoothly. Georgette’s organizational skills are critical. She coordinates scheduling, client contact, and communications with the courts, our clients and other law firms when our attorneys are in court, mediation, arbitration, depositions or other appearances. She is also invaluable in organizing large amounts of documents and information into use for submissions to New Jersey’s and New York’s state, federal and administrative courts, including New Jersey’s Municipal Courts, the Superior Court of New Jersey, the Appellate Division of New Jersey’s Superior Court, New Jersey’s Supreme Court, the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law (where New Jersey’s hearings on matters before state administrative agencies are held), the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (which hears appeals from the Federal Courts in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware). She also handles litigation support for cases in the federal courts thought the Northeast.

Georgette is a graduate of Wayne Valley High School, and a part-time student at Passaic County Community College. Georgette is a certified paralegal, having completed a rigorous course of training at Berkeley College.

Georgette is a lifelong resident of Wayne, New Jersey. She continues to live in Wayne with her husband and daughter, a champion bowler. Georgette is also a blue star mother of an Air Force sergeant, her son Steven.

Georgette can be reached at (973) 890-0004.

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