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Our New Jersey attorneys serve Hackensack, New Jersey, in Bergen County. Our firm represents Hackensack’s residents and businesses on a wide range of legal issues, in court, before agencies and in transactions.

Hackensack’s Courts

Hackensack’s Municipal Court hears traffic offenses, minor criminal matters, and local ordinance violations. Hackensack’s civil cases, such as landlord/tenant disputes, and expungements, are heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey for Bergen County. The Superior Court’s Appellate Division hears all first level appeals from the trial divisions. Final State appeals are heard by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Hackensack’s federal cases, and some state cases which are removed to federal court, are heard by the United States District Court in Newark. Hackensack bankruptcies are heard by the United States Bankruptcy Court. Hackensack zoning matters and variances are heard by the Hackensack Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Hackensack Planning Board of Adjustment handles all matters that deal with land use planning and subdivision matters.

Hackensack Legal Services Handled by Our Attorneys

Our New Jersey lawyers appear in Hackensack’s Municipal Court for any matter that needs to be handled. We will appear in New Jersey Superior Court as well, where we would handle various matters including Hackensack expungments of criminal convictions and arrests, employment law, consumer fraud, commercial litigation, civil rights disputes, construction litigation, personal injury suits, and commercial and residential real estate litigation. Our attorneys also handle Hackensack real estate closings, property tax appeals, zoning issues, drafting wills and living wills, bankruptcies, foreclosures, defense and elder law.

Our business attorneys also handle many business matters such as estate planning, administration and litigation.  Please visit our Practice Area Pages to see all the types of matters we handle.

About Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack is home to thousands of people. It is located in close proximity to Midtown Manhattan and the George Washington Bridge. The New York Skyline is visible from a number of locations within Hackensack. It is a complex melting pot of residents and it offers a great sense of strong community. Hackensack has many historical locations, as well as one of New Jersey’s largest private universities. Fairleigh Dickinson University borders the Hackensack River; this is one of the four locations that the university offers. The Board of Education in Hackensack offers a wide range of programs and great educators. Hackensack has a wide range of historical offerings, such as: the New Jersey Naval Museum, which holds the World War II submarine USS Ling. Another location is the First Dutch Reformed Church, built in 1696, is the oldest church in Bergen County and the second oldest church in New Jersey. The church’s adjoining cemetery is home to Enoch Poor, one of George Washington’s officers, and Richard Varick, former mayor and Attorney General of New York State.

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