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Harrison, New Jersey

Our experienced attorneys handle various legal matters in Harrison, New Jersey. We advocate for the people and businesses of Harrison and provide many legal services.

Legal Services

Harrison has a diverse range people and businesses, who in turn have a wide range of legal needs.  Our attorneys have decades of experience practicing law in New Jersey, and so we are uniquely suited to meet these legal needs.

For instance, there are a wide range of real estate issues in Harrison.  Our attorneys hand closings for the purchase and sale of commercial and residential property.  Likewise, the value of property fluctuates due to the economy, neighborhood conditions and property issues, and often tax assessments remain significantly higher that the fair market value of the property; in this case, our attorneys help the owners by pursuing tax appeals for them (which must be filed by April 1st each year).  We also handle title issues and tax liens.

We represent businesses in a host of issues.  For example, businesses often get in disputes with their customers, vendors, lenders and governmental agencies.  We first try to resolve these issues to avoid the cost of lawsuits, but when necessary, our litigators aggressively pursue legal action on our clients’ behalf.  We represent restaurants and taverns on a host of issues, including liquor license and ABC (alcoholic beverage commission) matters.  We represent employers in their relations with their employees and contractors.

Our attorneys help people in a wide range of issues.  We represent employees in disputes with their employers, including litigation for wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, and wrongful withholding of pay.  We represent the accused in Harrison Municipal Court. We represent people in financial distress by negotiating with creditors and obtaining relief through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We represent landlords and tenants in both commercial and residential tenancies.  We draft leases - leases, if properly drafted, can be the most important part of the landlord-tenant relationship because they can avoid disputes in the future.  We handle prosecution and defense of eviction cases in Landlord-Tenant Court.  We handle suits for unpaid rent.  We represent landlords and tenants in cases of constructive eviction or breach of the warranty of habitability.  Our lawyers handle claims for the wrongful withholding of security deposits and property damage.

About Harrison, New Jersey

Harrison is a town of 13,620 people located in Hudson County.  It  was established in 1840.  The Municipal Court in Harrison hears motor vehicle violations, parking tickets, disorderly person offenses, and municipal ordinances such as building code violations and noise complaints.  Bankruptcy matters are heard in Newark at the United States Bankruptcy Court.  Federal cases are heard at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. The Superior Court of New Jersey hears civil litigation, landlord and tenant disputes, and Harrison expungments. Land use and zoning matters are heard by the Harrison Zoning Board and Planning Board. The Hudson County Tax Board hears all Harrison property tax appeals.  Appeals from Harrison building department decisions are heard by the Hudson County Construction Board of Appeals.

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