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McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey attorneys provide a variety of legal services in Irvington, New Jersey. We advocate for Irvington residents and businesses in various legal matters.

Legal Services Offered

The experienced attorneys at McLaughlin & Nardi take the representation of people and businesses to heart. We know that behind every case and every business is a person. Our experience makes us well-suited to help the people and businesses of Irvington.

Our representation of individuals includes helping employees in disputes with their employees. For instance, we routinely represent public servants, such as police officers and teachers, who have been harassed at work or wrongfully fired from their jobs. We handle personal injury suits. We represent people who, despite their best efforts, are overwhelmed by debt in these troubled times, and help them have those debts discharged or reduced in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies. We help the victims of discrimination in employment, public accommodation, or by the government. We represent people who have been wrongfully arrested.
The experience of our attorneys also make us particularly suited to aid Irvington’s businesses in legal matters. We help businesses plan so they can be more profitable. We negotiate and draft contracts which protect their rights and avoid litigation. When disputes do arise, we zealously fight for our clients’ rights.

About Irvington

Irvington, New Jersey is a township of 53,926 in Essex County, named in honor of Washington Irving. Irvington is designated as an urban enterprise zone, with reduced sales tax. Irvington’s Municipal Court hears traffic violations, ordinance violations, and minor criminal offenses. The Superior Court of New Jersey in Newark hears family law disputes, civil litigation, Irvington expungements, and landlord/tenant disputes. Irvington’s federal cases are heard in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. Irvington bankruptcies are heard in the United States Bankruptcy Court. The Essex County Board of Taxation, in East Orange, hears Irvington property tax appeals.

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