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Our attorneys serve Jersey City, New Jersey, in Hudson County. We represent Jersey City’s residents and businesses on a wide range of issues.

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We pride ourselves in helping every client. Our attorneys’ goal is to achieve the best, most cost-efficient results possible for our clients. We have decades of experience doing so.

Planning to Avoid Problems. We believe that the best approach to legal problems is to help our clients plan so that they can avoid them in the first place. Avoiding problems allows our clients to focus on what the want to do, and what they do best, such as businesses concentrating on their operations, and people focusing on their families and jobs. We do this in partnership with our clients. One of the ways we do this is by working with businesses to review their needs and draft effective contracts to govern their relations with their key employees, customers, suppliers, landlords and tenants, and ensure they collect their receivables. Likewise, we meet with people and help them prepare sophisticated estate plans to ensure that their assets pass as planned to their loved ones while minimizing the tax impact. We help seniors with elder care planning and elder law issues so they will receive the care they need. We help businesses draft employee manuals and anti-discrimination policies.

Negotiating Resolutions. When disputes occur, our lawyers will explore whether a beneficial resolution is possible. We have decades of negotiations experience. For example, Maurice McLaughlin, is often appointed as a mediator by the Hudson County Superior Court to try to help the parties reach a settlement in lawsuits filed there. However, we will pursue a negotiated settlement only when it is in the best interests of our clients.

Litigating Disputes . When the rights of our clients, whether they are people or businesses, are violated, our litigation attorneys fight aggressively in court for their rights. We bring decades of experience in a wide range of litigation fighting for our clients’ rights, with great success.

Practice Areas. Please visit our practice areas page to learn more about the various types of issues we handle.

Jersey City Courts

The Municipal Court of Jersey City hears traffic offenses, local ordinance violations and minor criminal matters. Civil cases, expungements, and landlord/tenant disputes are heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey, sitting in Jersey City. Appeals are handled by the Superior Court’s Appellate Division and New Jersey’s Supreme Court. The United States District Court in Newark hears Jersey City federal cases, and some state cases which are removed to federal court. The United States Bankruptcy Court, also in Newark, hears bankruptcies. Zning matters and variances are heard by the Jersey City Zoning Board. Lnd use planning and subdivision matters are handled by the Jersey City Planning Board.

Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City, across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan, is the county seat of Hudson, County, New Jersey. With 247,597 residents it is the second largest city in New Jersey.

Originally settled by the Dutch, and the Lenapes before them, Jersey City’s history stretches back before the Revolution. It has traditionally been, and remains, a gateway to America for waves of immigrants and, indeed, Ellis Island sits in Jersey City.

Jersey City’s economy throughout the 19th century, and much of the 20th, was based on manufacturing and the maritime commerce along its waterfront. Manufacturing and maritime jobs moved away in the second half of the 20th century, and its waterfront became the site of office buildings and finance companies, sometimes known as “Wall Street West,” and residential development along Hudson County’s “Gold Coast.”

Jersey City is the home of New Jersey City University (NJCU) and Saint Peter's College (New Jersey’s only Jesuit university), and Hudson County Community College. The University of Phoenix has a small location at Newport. Rutgers University offers graduate business classes in Jersey City. Jersey City has an extensive public school system. Dr. Ronald E. McNair Academic High School is nationally known and is the second highest ranked public high school statewide. Saint Peter’s Prep is also one of the best high schools statewide, and Saint Anthony’s has one of the country’s best high school basketball programs. Jersey City has several high achieving charter schools.

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