Labor & Employment Law: Representing Employees

Labor & Employment Law: Representing EmployeesOur firm represents both public and private sector employees in all of the complexities of the employer-employee relationship, in “at will,” civil service, contract, and tenure environments, and in organizations of all sizes.

We counsel employees on their rights.  When disputes occur, our New Jersey employment attorneys have extensive experience in resolving them through negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and litigation. Our attorneys represent employees who have been wrongfully terminated, disciplined, demoted or otherwise penalized.  We advocate for workers and executives who have been harassed.  We help them seek compensation, benefits or reinstatement.  We represent employees in discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, tenure, civil service, civil rights and contract litigation.  We represent them in mediation and arbitration.

Our attorneys have significant experience in the field of labor and employment law. Maurice McLaughlin, for example, teaches the subject to graduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has written extensively on this subject, including a two volume treatise published by Gann Law Books.

Our employment lawyers represent public and private sector employees in a wide range of matters in state and federal court.  Examples include:

  • We have represented many public and private sector employees in “whistleblower” and retaliation suits.  Examples of the whistle blowing which brought on the retaliation include reports of tax irregularities, building code violations, criminal acts, violation of food and drug laws, civil rights violations, pay irregularities and failure to pay overtime, misclassification of workers, and many others.
  • Our employment lawyers have represented many employees who have been discriminated or harassed because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, religion, national origin, and many other prohibited reasons.
  • We represent police officers, teachers, firefighters and other civil servants in disciplinary hearings.
  • Our attorneys represent employees at all levels in negotiating and drafting severance packages and agreements and restrictive covenants.  We also represent them when these agreements have been violated by their employers, or when their employers try to wrongfully enforce them.
  • We negotiate and draft independent contractor agreements to protect our clients’ interests in their relationship with their employers.
  • We represent executives in the wrongful termination of stock options.
  • We have represented many public and private sector non-exempt employees over wage, hour and overtime violations – and workers who were misclassified as exempt.
  • We represent employees at all levels when their employers have breached their written or oral employment contracts.
  • Likewise, we represent workers when their employers have violated their own policies, or “Wooley” contracts.
  • Our employment attorneys represent public sector workers whose government employers have violated their civil rights to free speech, due process and equal protection.
Employees do not surrender their rights when they enter the workplace.  We at McLaughlin & Nardi are committed to represent employees to protect their rights.  New Jersey has some of the most stringent employee protection laws in the nation, and we make full use of them.

Our attorneys are committed to fighting for employees’ rights.  To determine what your rights are, please e-mail us or call (973) 890-0004.

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