Labor & Employment Law: Representing Employers

Labor & Employment Law: Representing Employers

Our firm represents employers in organizations of all sizes in all the complexities of the employer-employee relationship.  We have experienced employment attorneys who provide counsel and planning to avoid litigation, and aggressive litigators who will fight for our clients’ rights in the event that suits do occur.


We counsel employers on their rights and appropriate policies and practices to meet their legal obligations, maximize efficiency and avoid disputes in a cost-effective manner.  Our New Jersey employment lawyers help employers minimize the potential for litigation related to employment matters by first helping them develop comprehensive policies and practices as a preventive strategy, and then helping them implement those procedures.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

When disputes occur, the firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in resolving them through negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.  We have successfully fought for our clients in both mediation and arbitration. In fact, Maurice McLaughlin has been appointed as a mediator by the Superior Court of New Jersey to mediate many employment disputes filed there.

Employment Litigation

When disputes cannot be resolved, we represent employers in all types of employment litigation.  We are tenacious litigators.  Our New Jersey lawyers defend employers in employment suits, and affirmatively represent employers in suits against current and former employees for a wide variety of matters.  We aggressively fight for employers in all aspects of employment litigation.  We have achieved significant success in employment litigation at New Jersey’s state and federal courts.

Experienced Employment Attorneys

Our New Jersey employment attorneys have significant experience in the field of labor and employment law, and we have achieved significant success.  Maurice McLaughlin, for example, teaches the subject to graduate students at Fairleigh Dickinson University and has written extensively in this subject, including a two volume treatise published by Gann Law Books.

We Represent Employers in a Wide Range of Employment Matters

Our New Jersey employment attorneys represent employees in a wide range of employment law matters, including:

  • Our attorneys defend employers in “whistleblower” and retaliation suits by former employees.
  • We defend employers in discrimination and harassment suits.
  • Our employment lawyers negotiate and draft employment manuals, and anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • We represent employers in negotiating and drafting employment contracts.
  • We help employers negotiate and draft independent contractor agreements both so that they reach the contract terms they desire, and so that they meet all legal requirements for ensuring that the worker is properly classified as a contractor rather than an employee.
  • Our employment attorneys negotiate and draft severance agreements with employees who are departing voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • We negotiate and draft restrictive covenants, such as non-compete and non-solicitation agreements, in employment and severance agreements.
  • Representing employers in audits of payment of employer payroll taxes, employee workers compensation coverage, and like matters.
  • We represent employers in wage, hour and overtime litigation.
  • Litigating breach of employment contracts against current and former employees.
  • We defend employers in lawsuits which claim that they allegedly breached employment contracts.
  • We also litigate disputes over restrictive covenants, such as violating a non-compete agreement by working in direct competition with the employer, or for violating a non-solicitation agreement when the former employee attempts to take the employer’s employees or customers.
  • Litigating disputes over severance packages.
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