McLaughlin & Nardi’s attorneys are seasoned litigators. Our New Jersey litigation attorneys represent people and businesses in a wide range of matters in court, arbitration and mediation.

Our experienced litigation attorneys represent people and businesses in matters from simple cases to complex commercial trials. While our practice is focused on litigation in New Jersey, our attorneys routinely litigate throughout the Northeast.

While our New Jersey litigation attorneys each have their own practice specialties, they are all experienced in the litigation process. Indeed, while it is our practice to try to solve problems through negotiation, which is generally the quickest and most cost-efficient means.  Sometimes, however, disputes cannot be resolved amicably and the only solution is litigation. The firm’s trial attorneys include seasoned litigators with extensive experience in handling diverse and complex matters before federal, state, administrative and municipal courts. Indeed, while it may be the strong desire to reach an agreement, our litigation attorneys have found that the best way to do so with a recalcitrant party is by building a strong case and making the prospect of proceeding to trial or arbitration one that will convince even the most stubborn opponent that a settlement agreement is in their best interest.

Whether representing parties who have been wronged and are seeking redress, defending those who have been sued, or protecting the rights of third-parties in litigation, our attorneys have extensive litigation experience. Our New Jersey litigation attorneys handle all areas of litigation from negotiations, to pre-trial discovery, to trials and appeals.

We believe that attention to detail and hard work are the keys to successful litigation. We are dedicated to rolling our sleeves up and jumping into cases with both feet to successfully represent our clients. We are committed to our clients.

Business and Commercial Litigation

We represent businesses and business owners in a wide range of business disputes, from breach of contract and tortious interference, to collection and creditors’ rights.  We represent commercial landlords and tenants in disputes over commercial leases.  We defend businesses sued by vendors, customers and suppliers.  We represent businesses in bankruptcy litigation.

Construction Litigation

Our construction attorneys have had considerable success in representing  owners, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in all aspects of construction litigation.  We represent owners pursuing construction defect claims and defending against construction liens.  We represent parties in disputes over payment, and make effective use of construction liens in litigation over payment.

Employment Litigation

We represent employers and employees in employment litigation.  We have a long history of success in employment litigation.  Some of the types of employment claims we have litigated include discrimination, harassment, whistleblower and wrongful termination suits.  We represent employers and employees in disputes over breach of employment contracts and restrictive covenants.  We also handle wage, hour and overtime litigation.

Partnership and Shareholder Litigation
We represent business owners who became involved in disputes with their fellow owners.  We fight aggressively to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.  These suits are often complex, given the financial nature of many of these underlying disagreements.  However, our attorneys’ mix of litigation,  business and finance experience leaves us uniquely prepared to successfully litigate these disputes.

Real Estate Litigation

Our litigators successfully fight for people and businesses in commercial and residential real estate litigation.  This includes breach of real estate contracts, financing disputes, claims of fraudulent concealment by sellers, due diligence disputes and responsibility over defects such as oil tanks.    We represent owners in boundary disputes and litigation over easements.  We represent both landlords and tenants in tenancy litigation.

Personal Injury Litigation

We fight for the rights of those who, through no fault of their own, have been injured at the hands of another, in matters such as auto accidents, premises liability and slip and falls.

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