Mahwah, New Jersey

Mahwah, New Jersey is a suburb in Bergen County, in Northern New Jersey. 
Our attorneys handle a variety of legal matters and offer many legal services for the people and businesses of Mahwah, New Jersey, in court, before agencies, and in transactions.

Courts Serving Mahwah, New Jersey

We have helped Mahwah residents and business owners in many matters.  Mahwah has a wide range of legal needs.  For instance, its Municipal Court hears traffic offenses, minor criminal matters, and local ordinance violations originating in Mahwah.  The Superior Court of New Jersey, on the other hand, hears criminal cases with higher stakes such as crimes (also called “felonies”).  The Superior Court also hears civil cases.  For instance, it hears landlord/tenant disputes, labor and employment litigation, expungements, and personal injury suits, all of which our attorneys are experienced in handling.  The Superior Court for Bergen County sits in Hackensack. Appeals of state cases are heard by the Appellate Division and the New Jersey Supreme Court. The United States District Court in Newark hears federal cases.  Bankruptcies for people and businesses are venued in the United States Bankruptcy Court, which also sits in Newark.

McLaughlin & Nardi’s Legal Services in Mahwah, New Jersey

Our attorneys are problem  solvers.  We help people and businesses plan so that they can plan and avoid problems without the time and expense of litigation.  However, our lawyers are prepared to litigate in state and federal court, and in arbitration, to fight for clients’ rights, and we have built up a record of success doing so. Our main goal is to achieve the best outcomes possible in a cost-effective way which best suits our clients’ needs.

Sometimes problems that arise cannot be solved simply through planning to avoid them. Some issues need further attention, such as solving the problems through litigation or negotiations. Our attorneys fight aggressively in order to protect our client’s rights. Our attorneys also have decades of experience with mediation. In fact, the Superior Court of New Jersey has appointed Maurice McLaughlin as a mediator to resolve many cases there.

Our attorneys also serve people with other legal services such as, Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy protection and criminal record expungements. We will help relieve our clients of their debt and help productive citizens clear their records of past criminal convictions. We will also file construction liens for unpaid contractors.

About Mahwah

Mahwah, New Jersey is a township in Bergen County,  located thirty miles northwest of New York City. It is Bergen County’s largest municipality, with the county’s most open space.  It is located along the Ramapo River and offers its community over 5,000 acres of state and county parks and reservations with hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, football, skating, tennis, nature walks, bike paths, etc. Major roadways such as Route 202, Route 17, and Interstate 287 intersect the township. Even though Mahwah has become home to many commercial enterprises, it is still able to give its community a safe, secure, comfortable environment in which to live and work. Ramapo University is located in Mahwah Township. It is home to 6,000 students and offers an excellent education for college students.

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