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At McLaughlin & Nardi, our attorneys provide an array of services for the residents and businesses of North Caldwell, New Jersey in a wide variety of legal matters.

Services Offered

Our attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of issues which uniquely meet the legal needs of the residents and businesses of North Caldwell.  For instance, many home owners’ property values have gone down during the Great Recession, while their assessments – and thus their property taxes – remain high; our estate planning attorneys can therefore be of invaluable assistance in reducing these property taxes through tax appeals (which must be filed before April 1st each year).  Likewise, many residents in North Caldwell have unique estate planning needs; we help them develop sophisticated estate plans to meet their financial and medical needs, while minimizing taxes, including developing detailed wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, living wills, and other estate planning tools.

We also handle many areas vital to North Caldwell’s businesses.  For instance, we defend employment suits, and litigate disputes between businesses and their competitors for wrongful business practices.  We represent businesses in disputes about services and payments with their vendors and customers.  We also represent companies which are having tax issues, such as sales and payroll tax audits.  We handle transactions such as the purchase or sale of businesses or their assets.  We also negotiate contracts for businesses and represent them in court if those contracts are breached.

Finally, we represent people and businesses in a wide range of litigation, both when they are being sued, and when they are forced to institute suit because their rights have been violated, from personal injury, to employment disputes, to commercial and tax litigation.

About North Caldwell

North Caldwell offers the pleasures of suburban life.  North Caldwell’s citizens demonstrate their commitment through involvement in things such as, Senior Citizens Organization, North Caldwell Volunteer Fire Department, coaching Recreation Department sports teams, the North Caldwell Historical Society, and various boards and committees. In 2010, North Caldwell was ranked the 10th best place to live in New Jersey in New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

North Caldwell is the home for many current and former notable residents. The character Tony Soprano, from the television series The Sopranos, resided in North Caldwell, where many scenes from the series were shot. The creator of The Sopranos, David Chase, actually lives in North Caldwell. The film North includes scenes filmed in North Caldwell. Sylvester Stallone filmed scenes in the movie Cop Land at the Hilltop Reservations in North Caldwell.  Two New Jersey Devils hockey players, Martin Brodeur and Ken Daneyko, both lived in North Caldwell.

North Caldwell’s Municipal Court hears all ordinance violations, traffic violations, and minor criminal offenses. The Superior Court of New Jersey, located in Newark, hears North Caldwell expungements, civil litigation, and landlord and tenant disputes. North Caldwell’s federal cases are heard at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. North Caldwell bankruptcies are heard at the United Bankruptcy Court in Newark. The Essex County Board of Taxation hears North Caldwell property tax appeals. The North Caldwell Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board hear North Caldwell land use and zoning issues.

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