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McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey attorneys handle a wide variety of legal services in Nutley, New Jersey.  We advocate, represent and counsel Nutley’s residents and businesses, and those with legal matters in Nutley.

Nutley’s Courts

The Nutley Municipal Court hears traffic offenses, minor criminal matters and local ordinance violations.  These cases are handled by a municipal judge without a jury.  New Jersey’s Superior Court in Newark handles civil law suits, expungements and major criminal violations, landlord/tenant disputes, and family cases.  These include both jury and bench trials.  Nutley federal cases are handled by the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark.  Nutley bankruptcies are heard by the United States Bankruptcy Court in Newark.  The Nutley Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board of Adjustment handle land use matters.  Nutley property tax appeals are heard in Newark by the  Board of Tax Appeals.

Legal Services

McLaughlin & Nardi, LLC is a full service law firm, serving people and businesses in Nutley and throughout New Jersey and the Tri-State Area.  We assist people in a wide range of matters.   We help them with transactions, such as real estate closings and purchases of businesses.  We help them plan for the future through effective tax and estate planning.  We represent people in litigation, whether this would be in their role as homeowners, such as property tax appeals, zoning disputes, or real estate controversies, in their role as employees in litigation and negotiation with their employers, and as business owners.  We help those who are in trouble, for instance we help people in financial distress by negotiating with their creditors or representing them in bankruptcy court; we help them clear their criminal history by obtaining expungements. 

We help businesses in a wide variety of matters as well.  For instance, we represent owners starting up their business, and in negotiations and litigation with their co-owners.  We are seasoned commercial litigators.  We represent people and businesses in Nutley’s Municipal court for traffic, criminal and local ordinance violations, and for driving while under the influence.

About Nutley, New Jersey

Nutley, New Jersey is a township in the northeastern corner of Essex County with a population of just over 28,370.  Nutley was originally formed as Franklin Township in 1874, and renamed Nutley in 1902.  Nutley’s main business during the eighteenth century was brownstone quarries which provided jobs for the many Italian and Irish immigrants.  In its 2008 survey on the New Jersey Monthly magazine ranked Nutley "Best Places To Live" in New Jersey.  Nutley has one of New Jersey’s favorite Saint Patrick’s Day parades.

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