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Our attorneys serve the people and businesses of Oakland, New Jersey in  a variety of legal matters.  We offer many legal services in court, before agencies and in transactions.  

Oakland, New Jersey Courts

Oakland’s Municipal Court hears local ordinance violations, minor criminal matters, and traffic offenses. Labor  and employment litigation, Oakland expungements, landlord/tenant disputes, and many more civil cases are heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey for Bergen County in Hackensack. The Superior Court’s Appellate Division hears all first level appeals from the trial divisions. Final State appeals are heard by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Oakland’s federal cases are heard by the United States District Court in Newark. Oakland bankruptcies are heard by the United States Bankruptcy Court, also located in Newark, New Jersey. The Oakland Planning Board of Adjustment handles land use planning and subdivision matters, and the Oakland Zoning Board of Adjustment handle zoning matters and variances.

Oakland Legal Services Offered by Our McLaughlin & Nardi Attorneys

Our attorneys have  decades of experience and are committed to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Our attorneys are there when a client experiences an unfortunate event and doesn’t know what to do.
Our attorneys will answer any questions you have and will help you achieve the most cost-efficient solution.  Our attorneys  represent our clients in a sophisticated, high quality manner and handle each and every case individually.  We know that behind every case there is a person.

About Oakland, New Jersey

Oakland is a beautiful town in the mountains of Bergen County.  In 1777, George Washington and his troops of the Continental Army stopped in the town.  From the 1940’s through the 1960’s, a summer bungalow community flourished in the coolness of the banks of the Ramapo River.  A well-known boxing facility was located in Oakland where  Joe Lewis and Sugar Ray Robinson trained.

Much of Oakland is in the New Jersey Highlands Preservation area.  Ramapo Mountain State Forest, a New Jersey state park, is located in Oakland.  Oakland is the home of the Northern New Jersey Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

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