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A wide variety of legal issues affect the residents and businesses of Orange and our experienced New Jersey Attorneys have been handling these issues for years.

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We are a full service law firm with dedicate, experienced attorneys.  We serve people and businesses in Orange and throughout New Jersey. 

We help businesses in a wide range of legal issues.  Businesses encounter a wide range of problems, and our commercial litigators are experienced in handling them.  However, the best thing we can do is help businesses avoid disputes before they happen.  Toward this end, we assist business owners by negotiating and drafting partnership with their co-owners designed to prevent problems and to supply effective and cost-efficient means to resolve them if disputes do occur.  We also help businesses and their owners draft effective contracts with the outside people and companies with which they do business, which is the most important step in avoiding conflicts.  We also help businesses plan to avoid regulatory problems.  For instance, we help a wide range of businesses comply with the administrative regulations for New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act.

We utilize this approach when representing people as well as businesses.   When people enter into a real estate or business transaction, we work through attorney review to protect our clients’ interests.  We help people estate planning to ensure that their assets will go to their intended beneficiaries with the smallest estate tax burden possible.  We help them plan effectively to minimize their own tax burdens.  We help people clear their criminal records by obtaining expungements.  Sometimes, however, litigation cannot be avoided, and our litigation attorneys are experienced at representing people in defense or prosecution of lawsuits, and have done so with great success.

About Orange, New Jersey

Orange, New Jersey, located in central Essex County.  It was incorporated as a city in April 1872.  It has a population of 30,134 people.  Orange Township’s Municipal Court hears ordinance violations, traffic violations, and minor criminal offenses. The Essex County Board of Taxation, located in East Orange, hears Orange’s property tax appeals. The Superior Court of New Jersey is located in Newark and hears landlord and tenant disputes, Orange expungements, civil litigation, and Orange family law disputes. Orange’s federal cases are heard at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. Bankruptcies within Orange are heard at the United States Bankruptcy Court. Orange’s Planning Board hears all issues in regards to land use and zoning.

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