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Our experienced attorneys handle a wide variety of legal matters from within Parsippany-Troy Hills. We support the people and businesses of Parsippany-Troy Hills and offer them many legal services.

Legal Services

Our attorneys solve problems for people and businesses of Parsippany-Troy Hills.  We do this by helping them plan, and negotiating resolutions to disputes.  When disputes cannot be resolved, we aggressively litigate to protect our clients’ rights.

Solving Problems by Planning.  We believe that avoiding problems in the first place is the wisest course of action.  Therefore, our attorneys help our clients plan to run their lives and businesses in a profitable, conflict-free manner.  For instance, we help people plan their estates so that they may pass down the fruit of their life’s work to those they intend with the minimum taxes possible.  We also help people with elder care planning, so that seniors may obtain the care they need without being made unable to pass on their possessions to their loved ones. We help people going into business draft partnership and shareholder agreements which protect their rights and minimize the possibility of disputes.  We help executives and other employees negotiate employment contracts. 

Solving Problems by Negotiating Resolutions To Disputes.   Sometimes, even with the best planning, disputes cannot be avoided.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in negotiating resolutions to many different types of disputes.  Indeed, Maurice McLaughlin law suits filed there is a mediator appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey to mediate.

Solving Problems Through Litigation.  In some cases, the rights of people and businesses are violated by parties which have no interest in taking any responsibility for their actions, or insist on transferring their own blame to others.  In these cases litigation is necessary to protect our clients’ rights.  Our lawyers have decades of litigation experience.  We represent people in litigation on a wide range of issues, from employment litigation and personal injury, to probate litigation.  We represent them in Parsippany-Troy Hills Municipal Court when they have been accused of traffic or criminal violations, drunk driving, or municipal ordinance violations.  We represent businesses which have been sued by their employees or other businesses, or who are suing to protect their rights or collect unpaid bills for their goods or services.  We represent both landlords and tenants in tenancy disputes.

Solving Problems Through Other Legal Services.  We also handle a wide range of other services which help our clients.  For instance, we help people and businesses in financial distress negotiate with their creditors or file for bankruptcy protection.  We pursue property tax appeals for homeowners.  We draft employment manuals and anit-discrimination policies for employers.  We file construction liens for contractors who have not been paid for work performed.  We clear title problems for property owners and buyers.

Practice Areas.  To learn more about our wide variety of services, please visit our practice areas page.

About Parsippany-Troy Hills

Parsippany-Troy Hills, commonly known as Parsippany, is located in Morris County. It is the most populated municipality in Morris County and was recognized as the 13th best place to live in 2008, according to Money magazine. Native Americans, British, Dutch, and many Europeans all once settled in Parisppany that was made up of mostly water. Main roadways such as, Interstates 80, 280, 287 and Routes 46 and 202 pass through Parsippany-Troy Hills. Parsippany offers a two-route bus system known as “Parsippany Transit” six days a week for all residents of the town, for no cost. In addition to Parsippany’s many schools, it also has three highly regarded religious, private schools.

Parsippany-Troy Hills’s Municipal Court hears all Parsippany-Troy Hills motor vehicle violations, parking offenses, disorderly person offenses, and municipal ordinance violations.  The United States Bankruptcy Court hears Parsippany-Troy Hills bankruptcy matters. The Superior Court of New Jersey handles landlord - tenant disputes, civil litigation, employment litigation, and Parsippany-Troy Hills expungements. The Parsippany-Troy Hills Planning and Zoning Boards hear land use and zoning matters. The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey handles Parsippany-Troy Hills federal cases. The Somerset County Board of Taxation hears Parsippany-Troy Hills tax appeals. The Construction Board of Appeals hear appeals from building department decisions.

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