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Our firm’s New Jersey attorneys serve Paterson, New Jersey, in Passaic County.  We represent Paterson’s residents and businesses on a wide range of legal issues, in court, before agencies and in transactions.

Legal Services

Our attorneys solve problems for Paterson’s people and businesses. 

Solving Problems by Planning to Avoid Them.  Our attorneys’ philosophy is that the best way to solve problems is to avoid them in the first place.  We work in partnership with our clients to develop and implement plans so that they can run their businesses and lives in a profitable, problem-free manner.  Our experienced estate planning attorneys help our clients develop sophisticated estate plans so they can pass their assets to their loved ones while minimizing the tax bite.  We help seniors with elder care planning, to ensure that they may have the care they need without losing the fruits of lifetime labor.  We help businesses draft strong contracts which foster good relations with their customers, clients, vendors and key employees, and which help make sure they get paid.  We help plan so that businesses comply with their legal requirements. 

Solving Problems by Negotiating Resolutions.   Sometimes, despite good planning, disputes arise.  When this happens, we offer attorneys with decades of experience resolving many types of disputes through negotiated settlements.  Maurice McLaughlin, for example, has been appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey in Paterson to resolve lawsuits filed there.

Solving Problems Through Litigation.  Many times, despite excellent planning, people’s and businesses’ rights are violated through no fault of their own, by parties with no desire to take responsibility.  When this happens our litigators fight aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.  We have decades of litigation experience fighting for the rights of people and businesses.  We appear regularly in Paterson’s courts on a wide range of issues.

Other Ways We Solve Problems.  Our lawyers represent people and businesses in a wide range areas.  For example, we help people and businesses gain bankruptcy protection when they are experiencing financial difficulty.  We represent property owners in appeals of their real estate taxes.  We prepare anti-discrimination policies and employment manuals for companies.  We help contractors get paid by filing construction liens.  We clear title problems.

Practice Areas.  Visit our practice areas page to learn more about the many ways we can help.

Courts Which Hear Paterson, New Jersey, Legal Matters  

Paterson’s Municipal Court hears traffic offenses, minor criminal matters, and local ordinance violations; the Municipal Court of Paterson is one of the busiest in New Jersey.  Civil cases, Paterson expungements, and landlord/tenant disputes are heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey, which sits in Paterson, New Jersey.  First level appeals from the Superior Court’s trial divisions are heard by the Superior Court’s Appellate Division.  Final state appeals are heard the New Jersey Supreme Court in Trenton.  The United States District Court in Newark hears Paterson federal cases, and some state cases which are removed to federal court for various reasons.  The United States Bankruptcy Court, also in Newark, handles Paterson bankruptcies.  Paterson zoning matters and variances are heard by the Paterson Zoning Board of Adjustment.  Paterson land use planning and subdivision matters are handled by the Paterson Planning Board of Adjustment.

About Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson is the Passaic County seat.  A population of 146,199 people makes Paterson New Jersey’s third largest city.  Paterson was founded in 1791 by Alexander Hamilton to harness the hydraulic power of the Great Falls of the Passaic River as a source for industrial energy.  The Great Falls are the second largest waterfalls on the East Coast by water volume.  By the late 1800s, Paterson the “Silk City,”  had silk mills who provided jobs for thousands of immigrants from around the globe.  Paterson’s factories produced many of the planes which helped the Allies win World War II.  New Jersey’s 10,000-seat Hinchliffe Stadium, was the home of the New York Black Yankees and New York Cubans of the Negro National League.  Paterson has a rich history in America’s arts.  It is the subject of William Carlos Williams’ epic poem, Paterson and figures prominently in Allen Ginsberg’s groundbreaking poem, Howl.  The movie Lean on Me and Bob Dylan’s classic protest song Hurricane are based on actual events in Paterson. 

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