Personal Injury

When a person is injured through the fault of another, they need an experienced personal injury attorney in their corner to fight for them and ensure that they are justly compensated. We are there to fight for you.

New Jersey personal injury law is designed to protect the public from those who are unsafe.  For example, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Act requires that drivers exercise due care when driving.  The law provides that everyone owes a duty to drive safely to prevent injury to those with whom they share the road.  Indeed, all of us owe a duty to use due care to prevent harm to those around us.

New Jersey personal injury law also provides compensation to the victims of injuries caused by the fault of another person or company, when they have failed to exercise the due care required of all of us.  The idea is to “make the victim whole.”  In other words, to put them in as good a situation as they would have been had the accident never happened, and to compensate victims for their pain and suffering.  Our attorneys represent those who have been the victims of personal injuries.  We help you through the entire process of seeking justice for the pain, suffering and losses you have suffered. 

Our personal injury attorneys negotiate settlements with those responsible for victims’ injuries, and their insurance carriers.  We will file personal injury lawsuits and pursue litigation all the way through trial and beyond to ensure our clients’ rights are protected.  We fight insurance companies to make sure that your recovery is not held hostage to the insurance company’s bottom line.

Our personal injury practice deals with seeking compensation for personal injuries resulting from a wide range causes.  Some of these types of cases we pursue include:

  • Automobile, truck and common carrier accidents which cause injury or death
  • Injury caused by slip and fall accidents
  • Assaults and batteries which cause injury, pain and suffering
  • Injury caused by serious dog bites
  • Premises liability which is the cause of injury, pain and suffering
  • Injury caused by accidents with drunk drivers
  • Motorcycle accidents which injured riders

Our personal injury lawyers negotiate settlements and prepare and litigate matters in federal and state courts. Our attorneys handle the complexities of New Jersey’s no fault insurance in private matters, as well as the intricacies when governmental entities are involved.

McLaughlin & Nardi, LLC’s personal injury attorneys will help you gather the evidence needed to build a case.  For instance, we will help you deal with your medical professionals so that your injuries are both well treated and well documented, which is essential to any suit.  We will work with them to provide expert testimony about the cause, severity and long term effects of your injuries.

We deal with experts, such as accident reconstruction specialists, to prove your case.
We will also work to prove your economic losses, which involves documenting your lost income, and working with economic experts to show the long-term economic effects of your injury.   We will deal with law enforcement and other government agencies to obtain the public records needed to demonstrate the other party’s fault.    

We are sensitive to the economic and personal stress which often accompany a serious injury. Our individual concern for our clients coupled with our resolute pursuit of each client's rights, we believe, are the key to effective representation.

If you have been injured, call us at (973) 890-0004.or e-mail us to schedule a consultation.  We can help.

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