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Our attorneys and staff take great pride in helping people. We chose careers in the law to make a difference in people’s lives. Toward that end, the attorneys and paralegals in our personal services practice strive to understand our clients’ needs, and to find the best solution. The “best” solution is never the same for any two people or any two situations. However, our broad range of experience gives us the ability to find the right course of action and successfully pursue it. Below is a summary of the practice areas in our personal services practice.

Estate Planning

We help people plan so that their assets are distributed in accordance with their wishes after they pass with the minimum tax burden. Our estate planning attorneys also look to ensure that our clients’ loved ones are protected through the use of wills, living wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, guardianships and other estate planning devices. Click here to learn more about our estate planning practice.

Estate Administration and Probate

When a person passes, their assets need to be distributed, their affairs concluded, and their taxes paid. Most often this is done as directed in the decedent’s will, but in some occasions there is no will and the assets pass through New Jersey’s intestacy laws. McLaughlin & Nardi’s estate administration lawyers work with executors, trustees and beneficiaries in working to make sure that the decedent’s wishes are carried out with the minimum tax burden. Our probate attorneys also represent executors, trustees and beneficiaries in probate litigation. Click here to learn more about our estate administration and probate practice.

Tax Law & Tax Planning
  • The tax implications of estate planning and administration
  • Representation at audits
  • Negotiations with the IRS and the New Jersey tax authorities
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Property tax liens
  • Wage executions
  • Personal liability for business tax debts
  • Tax Litigation
  • Liens and levies
  • Personal tax implications of business sales, purchases and succession

Click here to learn more about our tax law and tax planning practice.

Real Estate Law

Real estate closings are one of the most important transactions a person will enter into in their lifetime. Our real estate attorneys help people navigate the complex world of real estate transactions. We help buyers and sellers with the whole range of real estate law, including contract drafting and negotiation, financing, title issues, insurance, inspection issues and due diligence, structural and environmental problems, and mold issues. Our real estate litigation attorneys also help people with disputes over real estate, including negotiations and suits over transactions, boundary disputes, easements, environmental issues related to closings, breach of contract, inspection issues and title problems. Click here to learn more about our real estate practice.

Construction Law

We represent homeowners and others in all areas of construction law. Construction law covers a wide range of areas, from new home construction, to major renovations, to home repairs to construction liens, to construction litigation. These projects are often expensive and disruptive. Whether it’s attempting a contractor to complete or repair a job, warranty disputes, defending owners against construction liens (formerly known as “mechanics liens”), our construction attorneys help homeowners in all aspects of construction law. Click here to learn more about our construction law practice.

Employment Law

Our employment law attorneys represent people in all aspects of employment law. For instance, we represent both public and private sector employees who have been wrongfully discharged, or who have suffered from illegal harassment or discrimination, or denial of overtime. We represent employees negotiating employment contracts with their employers. We represent teachers, police officers, firefighters and other civil servants in employment disputes. Our employment attorneys also represent owners, managers and supervisors who have been sued in their individual capacities. Click here to learn more about our employment law protection.


McLaughlin & Nardi’s litigators represent individuals in a wide range of litigation, such as construction, employment, real estate, estate and probate, business and personal injury litigation. Our goal is always to try to avoid the time, expense and stress of litigation. However, if litigation cannot be avoided, we have aggressive litigators who fight for our clients’ rights. Our litigators appear in state, federal and administrative courts throughout the Northeast, and in arbitration and mediation. Click here to learn more about our litigation practice.


Unfortunately, sometimes life deals us financial setbacks. Throughout the years, and especially since the Great Recession, our bankruptcy attorneys have seen many responsible, hard working people fall into financial trouble from which the just cannot claw out of without help. The vast majority of these situations involve no fault – businesses close, jobs are lost, medical crises happen, divorces wreak havoc on finances, a family member requires full time care…. The situations are numerous. Our New Jersey chapter 7 attorneys and Chapter 13 attorneys help people escape their crushing debt burdens, navigate the bankruptcy system, and emerge to take full advantage of bankruptcy’s fresh start. Click here to learn more about our bankruptcy law practice.

Municipal Court & Expungement

Even with the best of intentions, anyone can wind up in the criminal or municipal court system. Our municipal court attorneys represent people in fighting against criminal, traffic and code violations in New Jersey’s municipal courts. We also help people who have led upstanding lives erase the stain of criminal charges by helping them obtain expungements of their criminal history. Click here to learn more about our municipal court practice, and click here to learn more about our expungement lawyers.

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