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Our New Jersey lawyers serve Raritan’s residents and businesses in a wide range of legal matters, in court, before agencies and in transactions.

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Our lawyers take pride in helping every client and strive to achieve the best, most cost-efficient resolutions possible.

Planning to Avoid Problems. Our lawyers approach situations by planning to avoid problems. We respect every one of our clients and consider them to be our partners in developing the best plan possible to help our clients lives in their lives and businesses in a successful, problem-free manner. Our different teams work with our clients to offer the best outcomes and plan possible, without the interruption of any problems.

Negotiating Resolutions to Problems. No matter how hard our team works, disputes do arise. When they do, our lawyers are prepared to use their decades of knowledge and experience in order to negotiate resolutions to a wide range of disputes. Maurice McLaughlin, for example, is a mediator appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey to resolve lawsuits.

Litigation. When the rights of Raritan’s citizens and businesses are violated, our litigators are aggressive in fighting for our clients’ rights. Our litigation experience spans decades and encompasses many types of suits in which we have fought for the rights of people and businesses, with great success.

Practice Areas.  Please go to our practice areas page to view the many types of matters we handle.

About Raritan, New Jersey

Raritan, New Jersey remains its small town charm and history. Raritan’s main streets still consist of colonial homes, churches, and stores. Raritan was the first township in Somerset County to establish a fire company which became the Relief Hose Company No. 2. Raritan’s history also shows through its historic train stations that date back to the 1800’s, and the famous Flemington Fair Grounds, located in Raritan, that used to hold NASCAR races. Joseph Sherman Frelinghuysen, Sr. was a notable resident who resided in Raritan from 1869-1948. He was a United States Senator representing New Jersey.

Raritan Township’s Court Cases

Raritan’s Municipal Court handles motor vehicle violations, parking offenses, misdemeanors, disorderly person offenses, and municipal ordinance violations. The United States Bankruptcy Court handles bankruptcies for the people and businesses of Raritan Township. The Superior Court of New Jersey in Hunterdon County hears landlord and tenant disputes, civil litigation, employment litigation, and Raritan Township expungements. The Planning Board and Zoning Boards handles land use and zoning matters from within Raritan Township. The Hunterdon County Construction Board of Appeals handles appeals from building department decisions. The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey in Newark handles Raritan’s federal cases. The Somerset County Board of Taxation hears Raritan Township tax appeals.

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