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Our firm’s New Jersey attorneys serve Roxbury, New Jersey, in Morris County.  We represent Roxbury’s residents and businesses on a wide range of issues.

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We solve problems, and help people and businesses avoid them in the first place.  When problems cannot be resolved, our litigators fight aggressively protect our clients’ rights.

Avoiding problems.  The best service we can provide is to avoid problems.  This is always our first priority.  For instance, our estate planning attorneys help people develop clear, enforceable estate plans which ensure that their assets will pass to their intended heirs with the minimum tax liability, and without dispute between family members.  We help commercial and residential landlords and tenants negotiate and draft leases which clearly define their rights and responsibilities, so that disputes do not develop down the road.  We help businesses draft contracts which lead to conflict free relations with their customers, suppliers and lenders.  We help employers and employees negotiate employment contracts, and draft employment manuals and anti-discrimination policies for employers.

Problem Solving.  Disputes, of course, do occur.  Our principal goal is to resolve them in the most cost-effective and swiftest way possible.  Thus, we negotiate agreements which avoid the cost and delay of litigation.  For instance, when claims of wrongful firing have been made, we attempt to negotiate severance agreements between the employers and employees. 

Litigation.  Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved.  When this happens, our experienced litigators fight aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.  Our experienced attorneys handle a wide range of litigation for both people and businesses.  For instance, we represent people in employment litigation, real estate disputes and probate litigation.  We represent businesses in a wide range of litigation.  For instance, we represent them in contract disputes.  We defend claims of wrongful discharge and consumer fraud.  We handle tax litigation.  We represent owners in partnership disputes.  We pursue collection suits for businesses whose invoices are unpaid.

Practice Areas. Our attorneys have decades of experience practicing law in New Jersey.  To learn more about the wide range of legal services we handle, please visit our practice areas page.

About Roxbury

The Municipal Court of Roxbury hears local ordinance violations, traffic offenses, and minor criminal matters.  Civil cases, Roxbury expungements, and landlord/tenant disputes are handled by the Superior Court of New Jersey, sitting in Morristown, New Jersey.   Appeals are heard by the Superior Court’s Appellate Division and New Jersey’s Supreme Court.  The United States District Court in Newark hears Roxbury federal cases, and some state cases which are removed to federal court.  The United States Bankruptcy Court, also in Newark, hears Roxbury bankruptcies.  Roxbury zoning and land use matters variances are heard by the Roxbury Zoning Board and Planning Boards.

Roxbury is a township with a population of more than 23,000 in Morris County, New Jersey.  Roxbury includes the unincorporated communities of Ledgewood, Succasunna, Kenvil, Berkshire Valley, Landing, and Port Morris.  What is now Roxbury, New Jersey, was first settled by the Nariticong clan of the Delaware Indian Nation and the Lenni Lenape Tribe.  The first European settlers were a religious sect known as the Rogerenes, whose practices were a sort of cross between the Seventh Day Baptists and the Quakers, arrived in the first decade of the 1700s.  Throughout the 1700s and 1800s Roxbury was an important iron mining town, and supplied the cannonballs used by George Washington and the Continental Army.  In the early 1800s, the Essex - Morris - Sussex Turnpike and Morris Canal expanded Roxbury’s commercial activity, and provided an inexpensive means to move the town’s iron ore.  In 1880, at the height of Roxbury’s mineral production, it exported 108,000 tons of iron ore on the Morris Canal in approximately 1,540 boat loads.  In the 1890s, mining died off and Roxbury became a summer resort at Lake Hopatcong.  In 1934 Route 10 opened Roxbury up to passenger traffic, and caused an increase in population, despite the Great Depression.  Roxbury also had industry, and in 1940 51 people were killed in an explosion at the Hercules Powder Company plant.  Although after World War II there were still many farms in Roxbury, it was a part of the great building boom and expansion of the suburbs, and in 1950 Roxbury’s first drive-in theatre opened.  Although the drive-in is long closed, Roxbury maintains the feel of the old style community that it is.

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