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Our attorneys at McLaughlin & Nardi handle a variety of legal matters and offer many legal services for the people and businesses of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, in court, before agencies and in transactions.

About Saddle Brook, New Jersey

Saddle Brook is one of the oldest municipalities in Bergen County. It has a deep rooted history, and a close-knit  community. Saddle Brook has a conveniently close proximity to the Garden State Parkway, Routes 46, 17, 4 and 80. This benefits Saddle Brook’s community being so close to numerous locations. Each year a great number of cases are filed within Saddle Brook and the rest of Bergen County.

Saddle Brook, New Jersey Courts

Saddle Brook’s Municipal Court hears traffic offenses, minor criminal matters, and local ordinance violations. Saddle Brook’s civil cases, such as landlord/tenant disputes, labor and employment litigation, and expungements, are heard by the Superior Court of New Jersey for Bergen County. The Superior Court’s Appellate Division hears all first level appeals from the trial divisions. Final State appeals are heard by the New Jersey Supreme Court. Saddle Brook’s federal cases are heard by the United States District Court in Newark. Saddle Brook bankruptcies are heard by the United States Bankruptcy Court. Zoning  matters and variances are heard by the Saddle Brook Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Saddle Brook Planning Board of Adjustment handles land  use planning and subdivision matters.

Saddle Brook Legal Services Offered by Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are chosen for their ability to litigate and help settle legal matters.  Our attorneys are able to deliver sophisticated, high-quality representation. Our attorneys are also able to answer many questions which clients may have after experiencing an unfortunate event. Some of those questions can be:

  • Who can I call to help me?
  • How much time do I have to file suit?
  • What is the process like and how long is it going to take?
  • How is the experience going to affect me?
  • What can I expect from filing suit?

Our experienced attorneys can help you answer those questions. They will work diligently to fight for the most ideal outcome. We handle each and every case with one goal in mind: getting our client the best result possible for their troubles.

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