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McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey tax lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of state and federal tax law.  Led by founder Frank Nardi,  who is a tax attorney, certified public accountant, and certified financial planner in New Jersey and New York, our New Jersey tax attorneys provide a full complement of services in virtually all types of tax matters for individuals, businesses both large and small, and charitable organizations.  Our New Jersey tax lawyers have been helping people and businesses solve their New Jersey tax problems for decades.

McLaughlin & Nardi’s tax practice includes tax planning and representation before the federal IRS and the state Division of Taxation, Federal and State tax courts, county boards of taxation, and various other state and local tax authorities. We counsel individuals in all aspects of personal, business, estate and gift tax planning.

One significant advantage in using a tax attorneys is that while a typical conversation with an accountant is not privileged, and may be disclosed in litigation or subpoenaed by the IRS or New Jersey tax authorities, a conference with a New Jersey tax attorney is confidential because it is covered by the attorney-client privilege.  It is important to have a competent, reliable professional deal with the IRS and New Jersey Division of Taxation.  The advantages which our New Jersey tax attorneys provide include competence, experience, and confidentiality through the attorney-client privilege.  If you get a notice of lien, notice of levy, or notice of audit, speak with one of our experienced New Jersey tax lawyers, and let them speak to the tax authorities.

Our tax department is led by Frank Nardi.  Frank has counseled many people and businesses in his decades as a New Jersey tax lawyer, certified public accountant and certified financial planner.  He has also represented many people and business taxpayers in disputes with the United States Internal Revenue Service and the New Jersey Division of Taxation.  Frank is also a past president of the Bergen/Passaic Chapter of the Accounting, Financial and Tax Professionals Society of New Jersey. He lectures on tax topics in conjunction with the Internal Revenue Service and the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

Personal Tax Matters

McLaughlin & Nardi’s experienced New Jersey tax attorneys represent people on a wide-range of tax matters, including:

  • The tax implications of estate planning and administration
  • Representation at audits
  • Negotiations with the IRS and the New Jersey tax authorities
  • Failure to file tax returns  
  • Property tax liens
  • Wage executions
  • Personal liability for business tax debts
  • Liens and levies
  • Personal tax implications of business sales, purchases and succession
Business Tax Matters

New Jersey businesses face a complex and challenging tax environment.  Our New Jersey tax attorneys represent businesses on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Addressing the tax implications in selecting the type of business when forming a company, such as a limited liability company (“LLC”), S or C corporation, partnership, etc.  We work directly with the owners to analyze their needs and ensure that the form of business they choose minimizes their tax burden.
  • Planning to minimize the impact of New Jersey corporate business tax, income tax, self-employment tax, payroll taxes, and capital gains taxes.
  • We represent businesses on audits, including payroll audits, employee 941 and 943 audits, sales and use tax audits, corporate business tax audits, and income tax audits.
  • We represent businesses in disputes over whether workers are properly classified  as “employees” or “independent contractors” – which has significant tax implications for both the worker and the business.
  • Our New Jersey tax attorneys work with the sellers and purchasers of businesses to maximize return and minimize taxes.
Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning

McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey estate tax attorneys have significant experience helping people plan  so that their assets are passed to their loved ones with the minimum tax bite possible.  There are many ways to structure wills, trusts, insurance, ownership and other matters to ensure the lowest possible tax burden, and it is important to make the maximum legal use of them.  However, there are many other methods which are either ineffective or illegal, and these can have catastrophic effects on an estate, and it is vital to avoid these.  Our New Jersey estate tax attorneys have many years of experience in estate tax planning, and make good use of all the effective and legal methods to minimize inheritance and death tax consequences.  It is important to protect your assets now, when you are alive – once you’ve passed, it’s too late.

Property Tax Issues

McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey property tax lawyers assist residential and commercial property owners on a wide variety of New Jersey property tax issues, such as choosing the right entity to hold commercial or investment property to minimize tax burdens, farmland exemptions and 1031 like-kind exchanges.

Negotiations With IRS and New Jersey Division of Taxation

When facing actions by federal and New Jersey tax officials, it is important to have an experienced New Jersey tax lawyer on your side.  McLaughlin & Nardi’s tax attorneys are experienced in negotiating with the New Jersey Division of Taxation and the United States Internal Revenue Service, and have helped many taxpayers with what seemed to them like insurmountable problems.  Examples of negotiations with the IRS and New Jersey taxing authorities handled by our New Jersey Tax attorneys include negotiation of property tax liens, negotiation of liens for unpaid sales taxes, negotiation of “innocent spouse” liability, interest and tax penalty abatements, offers in compromise, and negotiation of payment plans

Tax Litigation

McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey tax lawyers regularly litigate tax issues in the New Jersey Tax Court, the New Jersey Superior Court, New Jersey’s County Boards of Taxation, the United States Tax Court, and the United States District Court.  Examples of tax litigation our New Jersey Tax attorneys handle include:

  • Litigation over assertion by IRS that owners of bankrupt company were personally liable for company’s unpaid payroll taxes.
  • Failure to pay sales tax on exempt machinery
  • Litigation over New Jersey Division of Taxation’s assertion of personal liability for unpaid sales taxes for silent partner in defunct company.
  • Litigation over property tax liens
  • Use of bankruptcy to potentially erase old tax liabilities
  • Tax sale and tax lien foreclosure litigation
  • Responsibility for tax consequences in settlement of employment dispute
  • Litigation over railroad tax exemptions from local property taxes
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