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McLaughlin and Nardi’s New Jersey attorneys provide legal services in West Milford, New Jersey, located in northern Passaic County. We advocate for West Milford residents and businesses in variety of legal matters.

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We solve problems for people and businesses. We believe that the best way to solve problems is to avoid them in the first place by prior planning.  A good contract is a business’s best defense in a lawsuit, and the best contract will protect our clients’ interests and prevent conflicts from arising at all.  Likewise, a good estate plan will ensure that people’s assets will go to those whom they intend with the least tax burden possible.  A good lease is the best way to avoid disputes between landlords and tenants.

When disputes do arise, we believe that if a negotiated agreement which protects our clients’ interests is possible, it should be explored.  This will save the time and expense of litigation, and may be preferable if it meets our clients’ needs.  Our attorneys have negotiated resolutions to many seemingly intractable disputes. 

Inevitably, however, some disputes cannot be resolved, or cannot be resolved in a acceptable agreement.  When this happens, we litigate fiercely on our clients’ behalf. Our litigators have decades of experience fighting for our clients’ rights

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About West Milford

The Municipal Court of West Milford hears traffic violations, minor criminal matters, and municipal ordinance violations.  The Superior Court of New Jersey, in Paterson, hears civil litigation, family law disputes, West Milford expungements, and landlord/tenant disputes. Federal cases are heard in Newark at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. West Milford bankruptcies are also heard in Newark at the United States Bankruptcy Court. Land use matters are heard by the West Milford Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board of Adjustment. Property tax appeals are heard at the Passaic County Board of Taxation. Appeals from building department decisions are heard at the Passaic County Construction Board of Appeals. Most state and local government and social service agencies are also located in Paterson.

West Milford, is a township of 25,850 in northwestern Passaic County, New Jersey.  West Milford sits in the Highlands conservation area.  West Milford is one of the largest townships in New Jersey.  There are six public schools and one private school.  William Paterson University, Ramapo College, and Caldwell College are located within ten miles.

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