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Our New Jersey attorneys handle a wide range of legal matters from West New York, New Jersey.  Attorneys from our firm support the people and businesses of West New York and provide them with many legal services.

Legal Services

McLaughlin & Nardi, LLC’s attorneys pride themselves on helping every client.  We understand that the legal matters we handle are of the utmost importance to each person we represent, and that even when we are representing a business, ultimately it is the people who own and work in the business that the outcome will affect.  We bring our decades of experience to bear to find the best, most cost-efficient outcomes possible.

We represent West New York’s people and businesses in a wide range of matters.  For instance, West New York, on Hudson County’s Gold Coast, has a rapidly developing real estate market.  Our lawyers represent buyers and sellers in real estate closings.  We represent owners in property tax appeals.  We represent condominium associations and developers converting apartment buildings to condominiums.  We represent landlords and tenants in a wide range of matters, from evictions, to withholding of security deposits, to property damage. 

We present employers and employees in disputes over wrongful termination, harassment, and  wage, hour and overtime disputes.  Our lawyers handle Department of Labor issues, and draft employment manuals and anti-discrimination policies.
Our attorneys help people and businesses in financial difficulty negotiate with creditors.  We also help them seek protection from creditors through Chapter 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy proceedings.

We represent those who have had their civil rights violated by the government, both people and businesses.  For example, we represent businesses who have been the victims of “spot” tax assessments, or whose property had been taken through condemnation proceedings, or who have been harassed by regulators.  We also represent government employees who have been wrongfully terminated, and people who have been wrongfully arrested.  

Our lawyers represent people and businesses in West New York Municipal Court.   We help people who have been productive citizens clear their records through obtaining expungment their criminal arrests and convictions. 

We handle a wide range of litigation for people and businesses.  For instance, we represent businesses in commercial litigation on a wide range of matters.  Our litigation attorneys represent West New York business owners on partnership disputes.  We represent businesses accused of regulatory violations.

We represent people in litigation as well.  For instance, we represent employees who have been wrongfully fired or harassed.  We represent the victims of personal injury recover compensation for their pain and suffering.  We represent beneficiaries and executors in estate and probate litigation.  We represent the victims of consumer fraud.

In short, our attorneys represent the people and businesses of West New York on a wide range of legal issues.  To learn more about our legal services, please visit our practice areas page.

About West New York

The Municipal Court of West New York hears motor vehicle violations, parking tickets, disorderly person and minor criminal offenses, and violations of municipal ordinances. West New York’s bankruptcy matters are heard in Newark, New Jersey at the United States Bankruptcy Court. The Superior Court of New Jersey hears West New York’s landlord and tenant disputes, civil litigation, and West New York expungements. The Zoning and Planning Boards of West New York hear land use and zoning matters. Federal cases for West New York are heard by the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. The Hudson County Tax Board hears West New York tax appeals, and the appeals from Building Department decisions are heard by the Hudson County Construction Board of Appeals.

West New York, New Jersey is located in Hudson County, on the Palisades. West New York was originally known as the Embroidery Capitol of the United States.  Over time the industrial areas of the Hudson waterfront have become residential and recreational, and now include the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway.  West New York has one of the highest population densities in the country.  West New York’s Emergency Medical Services were one of the first to respond to the crash of Flight 1549 in 2009.

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