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McLaughlin & Nardi’s New Jersey business attorneys represent sports clubs, gyms and fitness centers. We are experienced in counseling the owners and management of gyms and sports clubs in their employee relations, contracts and transactions. Our lawyers are aggressive in protecting the rights of fitness centers in litigation. We are experienced in helping fitness center companies with their regulatory requirements. We help gyms and sports clubs in all phases of their life cycles. Before opening a fitness center business owners should choose a structure for their organization. Deciding on the right structure is the first important decisions business owners will make. Our attorneys can provide you with advice and assist you with forming a partnership, limited liability company, or a corporation. Each business structure offers different types of advantages, disadvantages, and tax treatment. It is important to have experienced attorneys guiding you through this process.

After forming the business, it is important to secure a location to operate a fitness center. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in all aspects of their relationship. A lease is one of the most significant assets for a fitness center at the right price and with terms that help you succeed. It is important from the beginning of the landlord-tenant relationship to negotiate the lease to secure space from which to run a successful fitness center. Our attorneys also have extensive experience assisting fitness centers to avoid potential problems with a landlord before they arise and to find creative solutions if they do. We also have experienced transactional attorneys experienced in all aspects of New Jersey real estate law.

It is also important to seek representation from an experienced New Jersey attorney to draft a member contract because the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act imposes strict and detailed requirements on fitness centers’ contracts with their members. Our attorneys are experienced at working with the Division of Consumer Affairs and ensuring that fitness centers are properly registered and in compliance with the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. Failure to follow these regulations can result in significant fines. Having experienced attorneys carefully draft a contract can help avoid violating the strict regulations of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Our attorneys also have experience defending health clubs against the imposition of fines by Division of Consumer Affairs, and litigation by aggrieved members.

We are also experienced in ensuring that fitness centers are protected from most incidents which take place on their property. For example, fitness centers are responsible to keep their land free of known or foreseeable hazards, such as wet floors, debris, snow and ice accumulation, and cracks in the sidewalk. Our attorneys can assist the fitness centers to ensure that proper measures are taken to minimize potential litigation arising from an individual’s injury. We also help ensure that fitness centers’ contracts and method of operation limit their liability.

Our attorneys can assist fitness centers in all aspects of their business – from choosing the right business structure to collecting money owed. To obtain more information, please contact one of our attorneys by e-mail or at (973) 890-0004.

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