Tavern and Restaurant Law

Tavern and Restaurant Law

Our attorneys represent New Jersey restaurants, bars, taverns, delicatessens and liquor stores on a wide range of issues.

Liquor Licenses Transfers

Our attorneys represent bars, restaurants, taverns, liquor stores, and their owners, in the purchase and sale of liquor licenses.  New Jersey’s liquor license laws concerning liquor license transfers, whether the transfer involve person-to-person transfers, business-to-business transfers, or a mix of the two, are complex and rigid.  

Our lawyers bring a mix of skills to help those seeking to buy, sell or renew a liquor license.  First , we are experienced, and have handled many types of business transactions, including many liquor license transfers.  Second, our attorneys are knowledgeable and can navigate you through the law’s complexities and rigidities.  Third, we are experienced negotiators, who can help you close the deal in the most advantageous manner possible.

ABC Violations

New Jersey’s alcoholic beverage laws are extremely strict in regulating the operation of a business which sells beer, wine or liquor.  Violations can result in severe penalties, including suspension and forfeiture of liquor licenses.  Attorneys from our firm negotiate with prosecutors and represent businesses in court.  Most importantly, however, we work with them to plan so that they can avoid violations in the first place.

General Business Counsel and Representation

Our attorneys act as outside general counsel for businesses, helping them with all their legal needs.  Indeed, all businesses have basic legal needs, such as contracts with vendors and contractors.  They have insurance coverage and employee relations issues.

Most businesses rent their space.  Our lawyers assist them in their relations with their landlords, including negotiating and drafting leases, and fighting for them when their landlords violate their rights.  We also help them plan when the ownership of their business and the landlord are related.  

Likewise, in many cases the owners of the business will own the property from which it is operated.  This raises a host of issues which our attorneys assist owners and businesses with.  For example, the enterprises – the restaurant or bar, and the property – must be structured so that their liability is separated.  For instance, in the event that there were to be a significant judgment or debt for a bar, while the business itself might face liability, the structure should be in place which shields any danger to the property or the liquor license.

Insurance coverage is also very important to hospitality businesses, especially those which sell alcoholic beverages.  Our lawyers counsel businesses on the insurance coverage which they need.  When the need for that coverage arises, we work with businesses to make sure their claims receive coverage; when insurance companies wrongfully deny their claims, we are experienced in litigating on behalf of businesses to obtain that coverage.

We represent businesses in the food and alcoholic beverage industry in a wide range of litigation, including employment litigation, contract litigation, and regulatory litigation.  Our litigators have decades of experience pursuing litigating cases in New Jersey.

Employee Relations

Every food and beverage establishment is first and foremost a business, which has many of the same issues that every business has.  For example, restaurants, bars and delis are also employers.  Our employment attorneys are experienced in representing businesses of all types, including those in the hospitality industry, in dealing with their employees.  For example, we draft employment contracts and employee manuals.  We represent bars and restaurants which have been sued for wrongful termination or harassment.  Our attorneys represent employers when the Department of Labor accuses them of mischaracterizing employees as contractors.  We defend employers when they are accused of failing to pay wages or overtime.  

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