Business Law, Planning, Services, Counsel, Transactions & Litigation

Business Law, Planning, Services, Counsel, Transactions & Litigation

McLaughlin & Nardi’s experienced business attorneys assist business organizations in all phases of their life and operations from formation to dissolution, business counsel, transactions, negotiations and litigation. We provide advisory services to corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, sole proprietorships and partnerships in virtually all aspects of commerce. Our New Jersey attorneys are experienced in solving complex issues and disputes for start-ups and mature firms in a wide variety of industries.


At the outset, our business attorneys are experienced in offering sound advice to individuals starting a business venture, such as choosing the type of organization to utilize for tax and liability purposes, how to structure the organization to accomplish its goals and foster efficiency in operations, and forming and establishing the business.

Continuing Operations

Once the business is up and running our attorneys continue to offer a wide range of services. For example, we represent businesses in financing and employment matters. We handle purchases and sales of business. When the decision has been made to end a business, our attorneys handle dissolutions and bankruptcies.


We represent businesses on a wide range of transactions, from representing buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of businesses, some or all of a business’s assets, and franchises, to the sale or lease of real estate, to negotiating contracts with vendors and customers.

Planning and Counsel

We assist businesses in interacting with other entities, their employees and contractors, and among the owners themselves. We provide counsel in succession planning.

Contract Drafting and Review

The most common source of friction and disagreement in the business world is the lack of a contract, or a poorly drafted one. Our business attorneys are experienced in helping organizations structure agreements that meet their goals, minimize expense and needless conflicts, and thus allow organizations to spend their time working on their core businesses rather than dealing with disputes or litigation. Likewise, a well-crafted agreement among the owners is the best way to ensure a well-functioning operation, or a smooth parting of the ways. We have significant experience in negotiating and drafting partnership, shareholder and operating agreements, and by-laws.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Unfortunately, disagreements happen, both with third parties and among the owners themselves. Our New Jersey business attorneys are expert at negotiating resolutions. Indeed, Maurice McLaughlin is appointed as a mediator by the New Jersey Superior Court to resolve business disputes. However, some disputes cannot be resolved, and thus our attorneys are experienced in handling all aspects of business litigation.

Employee Relations, Human Resources & Litigation

Most businesses’ most important – and expensive – assets are its employees. Our attorneys are extremely experienced at all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. We negotiate and draft employment contracts and severance agreements. We help businesses draft employee handbooks, and anti-harassment and anti-discrimination handbooks and policies. When disputes cannot be avoided, our litigators fight aggressively to protect our clients’ rights.

Termination and Dissolution

Finally, when the decision has been made to end the venture, our attorneys are experts at dissolving the business and winding up its affairs. Indeed, Frank Nardi, is a certified public accountant and a certified financial planner, in addition to being an experienced attorney. He is one of the foremost practitioners in this field in New Jersey.

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In short, we are experienced in helping businesses with all of their needs from startup to dissolution.

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