Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Litigation over business disputes can be complex and contentious.  Our commercial litigators have decades of complex experience successfully representing businesses in a wide variety of complex commercial litigation matters.

New Jersey Business Litigation Attorneys.  First and foremost, our attorneys are business litigators.  We have decades of experience representing businesses and their owners and employees in court, arbitration and mediation.  We aggressively fight for businesses’ rights.

Litigation. Over the years, our attorneys have litigated many, many cases.  We are experienced in the courtroom, and use that experience to protect our clients’ rights.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Contracts may call for parties to use alternative means to resolve disputes, such as arbitration or mediation.  Many times, even if not called for by a contract, parties may agree among themselves to use mediation or arbitration. Our attorneys are experienced at all forms of ADR, having successfully tried arbitrations, and Maurice McLaughlin has been appointed by the New Jersey Superior Court as a mediator for a decade.

We Handle a Wide Range of Practice Areas Under the Umbrella of Commercial Litigation.  These are just a few.

  • Contract Litigation.  Contracts are the bedrock of business relationships. One of the reasons that America is the best place to do business in the world is that our courts enforce contracts.  Our business litigation attorneys represent businesses whose rights have been violated when other parties, such as vendors, contractors or customers, have breached their contracts.
  • Employment Litigation.  We represent companies which have been sued by former employees claiming that their rights under labor and employment laws have been violated, for example when they claim that they were fired because of “whistle blowing” or discrimination.  We also represent companies seeking to enforce their rights against current and former employees, for instance when they have stolen trade secrets.
  • Construction Litigation.  We represent owners, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors and lenders in all aspects of construction litigation.  Our construction lawyers have achieved significant success for our clients in construction litigation, construction arbitration and construction mediation.
  • Bankruptcy Litigation.  It is a fact of business, especially in these difficult times, that businesses encounter financial difficulty.  These financial difficulties impact not just the company in distress, but also all the businesses to which it owes money.  We represent debtors and creditors in bankruptcy litigation, also known as bankruptcy adversary proceedings. 
  • Owners/Partnership Disputes.  One of the biggest dangers for a business is when the owners have disputes.  We help owners try to resolve their disputes, but sometimes this is impossible.  For instance, when one owner is stealing from his partners, sometime the only recourse is to go to court to have her removed from the business and recover the money or other property she has taken.  Our New Jersey commercial litigators have considerable experience successfully representing business owners whose rights have been violated by their fellow owners.
  • Collection.  Businesses cannot stay in business if they don’t get paid for the work they do.  Therefore, our business litigation lawyers represent clients suing to collect their hard-earned fees.
  • Restrictive Covenant Litigation.  Contracts often contain clauses known as “restrictive covenants” which limit the ability of the parties to take certain actions either during or after the contract term.  The most frequently seen are “non-compete” agreements which prohibit parties from soliciting each other’s customers, and “confidentiality agreements” which limit the use of confidential information and trade secrets.  Our business lawyers represent businesses in disputes over the interpretation and breach of all types of restrictive covenants.
  • Consumer Fraud Litigation.  New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act and its regulations provide a strict and complicated regulatory scheme for many different industries.  The penalties for consumer fraud violations are severe.  However, New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act also applies to many business-to-business transactions.  Thus, our business litigators represent businesses which have sued for consumer fraud violations, or which have been the victims of consumer fraud.
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation.  When a business suffers a casualty, it rightly looks to its insurance carrier to pay its claim.  Payment of legitimate insurance claims is vital to every business.  However, many times insurance carriers will wrongfully deny that the loss is covered and deny the claim, or fail to pay the full amount.  Our litigation attorneys fight for businesses and people whose insurance companies have failed to properly pay their legitimate insurance  claims.
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes.  A lease can be a business’s most valuable asset.  We represent  commercial landlords and tenants in all sorts of landlord/tenant issues, from non-payment of rent to destruction of the premises.
  • Solid Waste/Garbage Industry Litigation.  We represent solid waste haulers and brokers, and animal feed haulers and dealers, in disputes with their clients, vendors, subcontractors and competitors.  We have achieved great success for our solid waste clients, from mediation to trial.
  • Business Tort Litigation.  Torts are “civil wrongs,” which often occur between businesses. Examples include tortuous interference with contracts, negligent property damage, and personal injury claims.
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